Handicap Questions


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Scores Posted vs. Number of Discarded Scores  


How Do I Establish A Beginning Handicap On The I-Tour?

Each player starts off with a beginning handicap that is established 1 of 4 ways:


   -Official USGA Handicap or GHIN from a Golf Course, Golf Club, Golf League, Golf Tour,


  -You have Golf rounds Scores (Regular and Tournament) that are available online for our review


  -You are a Former I-Tour member from a previous season


  -A GOLD MEMBER (20 events or more) can confirm your average score


I Am A New Member.....Can I Win 1st Place?

If it is your first year on the I-Tour, you may not win 1st Place in your first event...This means the best you can do is 2nd place, but you may still win all Optional Games.   Beginning your second event, you are then 100% eligible to win everything.  If you were a former member any year in the past, you are already 100% eligible to win on your first event.


What Is The Difference Between The I-Tour Handicap & The Official USGA Handicap?

The only difference is the number of scores that we use.  


What Is The Handicap Equation That We Use?

We input your approved beginning handicap into our system.  Your beginning handicap will count as two scores in our system, which means your first tournament will be your third score.  After you finish a tournament we input that score into the following standard USGA equation:  (Tournament Score  -  Course Rating) * (113 / Course Slope).  Handicaps will be rounded up (i.e. and 8.6 will equal to a "9" handicap in our system).


What Is A Course Slope & Rating?


COURSE SLOPE:  The quick (and overly simplistic) answer is that it's a single number indicating the difficulty of a golf course to a "bogey golfer". The figure is used when calculating handicaps.  The Course Slope value is a two- or three-digit integer, always between 55 and 155, with 113 being the average or "standard" value.  Slope values increase with difficulty.  The golf men's tees might have a Course Slope of 137. The blue men's tees: 125 and the ladies' red tees perhaps a 114. These figures are almost always printed on the score card in the United States.  The higher the slope....the more difficult the course.


COURSE RATING: The quick answer is that it's a single number indicating the difficulty of a golf course to an expert golfer, a "par golfer". The figure is used when calculating handicaps. The Course Rating is a number, close to par for the course, and is expressed with a single decimal digit. For example: If par for a course is 72, its Course Rating might be 71.4. Rating values go up with difficulty.  For example: On this same course, the Course Rating for golfers who play from the men's blue tees might be 72.8. From the men's white tees, the Course Rating might be 71.0. The ladies' red tees may be rated at 73.3.


Why Is There A "Handicap Chairman" Score On My Handicap Details?

This is an official manual adjustment made by the I-Tour Handicap Chair when we feel a player's handicap needs to be adjusted.  We reserve the right to protect our golf tour and our players if we feel it is needed for ANY REASON.  All decisions are final when your handicap is adjusted as we are an independent organization and we are not governed by the USGA.