Hole In One Game

Current Pot


Dallas $1,725 Are You Registered! 


Central Texas $625 


Houston $500 


Congratulation Duck Kim For Hitting a Hole In One at our 2017 Summer Major at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club.  Duck won $2075 for his hole in one!


How To Play!


-- $25 to enter the game (once a year)


-- There are 3 Separate Hole In One Pots, each $25 to enter (Dallas, Houston and Central Texas)


-- 1st person playing the game to hit a hole in one takes entire pot, unless another player hits a hole-in-one the same round to split the money.


-- After a hole-in-one, the game is over and all players will have to pay $25 to play again.


-- If at the end of the current I-Tour season no one scores a hole-in-one, the money carries over and an additional $25 will have to be added to get back into the pot for the next season.


***The only way to win 2 or More HIO pots is to hit a hole in one at a 2 Day Majors***


-- Dallas HIO pot can only be won at a Dallas I-Tour Event


-- Houston HIO pot can only be won at a Houston I-Tour Event


-- Central Texas HIO pot can only be won at a Central Texas I-Tour Event