I-Tour Format


 * Flight A (0-14 handicaps)  All Cities  **New**



We honor membership levels on The I-Tour according to how may I-Tour events a member has played.  The main reason for doing this is to firm up our players with established 20-round handicaps and those who have played over 100-events on the I-Tour.  Each level is listed as follows:


New Members:  5 or Less Events Played.  Net score cap of -2 for each event.


Silver Member:  Less Than 20-Events Played.  Net score cap of -4 for each event.


Gold Member:  20-Events Played on I-Tour.  No event cap for Net Score


Diamond Member:  100-Events Played on I-Tour.  No event cap for Net Score.  Free Lifetime Membership on I-Tour.  Diamond members never pay late fees and get prefential tee times.  


optional game and all the 2's on scorecards will split the pot.  If you have 2 deuces in one event, then you will be paid 2 times.


If 24 players enter the DEUCES game in your flight and your flight has 4 deuces, then that means we would have a $480 pot and each deuce would be worth $120 a piece.


That means you have guaranteed money if you score a "2" which is a birdie on a par-3 or a eagle on a par-4.


SKINS GAME:  - SKINS is a "Big Money" Game also and is also available for all Flights. Each flight has a $20 SKINS game. SKINS game entry is payable on the day of the tournament.  The Skins Game  is a "Money” game which pays out according to the best score on the holes.  A skin is the single best score on any of the individual 18 holes.  There will be a 100% pay out of the money collected at the end of the round.


For Example:  Say 20 people in your flight play the Optional Skins Game.  That’s $20 a piece for a pot of $400 bucks.  If there are 4 skins awarded then the payout will be $400 / 4 = $100.00 per skin.


BACK 9 GAME:  - THE BACK 9 game is a tournament within a tournament. The Back 9 entry is $20. We will take your back nine score and substract half of your handicap.  This game will pay 50% of the pot for 1st, 30% of the pot for 2nd, 20% of the pot for 3rd.  


NO PUTT: The NO PUTT game is a combined flight game.  Simply hole any shot from off the green and record a NP on your scorecard, no matter the score.  All no putts will split the pot.  This years game entry is $10.  



Players who cancel before 12:00pm Thursday are free from any obligation and will receive a full refund via check.  Refunds of entry fees or course costs will be decided on a case by case basis by the Tournament Committee.


Players who cancel after 12:00pm Thursday will be charged a $25 fee


Players who are no-shows or call to cancel after your listed tee time will be charged a $75 fee and be placed on our Pre Pay List for 12 months


You may cancel via I-Tour email or phone call up to one day before the tournament.  If you need to cancel a tournament the same day, you must contact your Tour Director via cell phone.  



We are a competitive golf tour and we do play in the rain and all kinds of playable weather.   If, during the round, conditions continue (flooding, lightning, Hail, etc) that would delay play, players will be called off the course and/or the event will be cancelled.


Everyone should be disappointed when weather ends an event, but we ask for your cooperation as we strive to be as fair as possible to our I-Tour members. We not only look at the conditions of play at that particular hour, but also the weather forecast, the possibility of finishing before dark, and course conditions.


The golf course and your I-Tour staff will signal end of play if conditions warrant a stoppage of play.  If the club deems the golf course open and playable, we will more than likely play, but we do not play in the presence of lightning at anytime.   If the players in a group are between holes, they must not resume play until the I-Tour staff gives word.  Players who are playing a hole must discontinue play immediately and not resume until ordered by the golf course and/or the I-Tour staff.


A minimum of 9 holes must be completed by all groups of a flight for all 1-day event to be considered official. If less than 9 holes are completed by all groups of a flight, then 100% of the entry fee may be returned to the participants who did not finish hole #9.  In case of a 9-Hole rain-out event, we will use half of the 18-Hole handicap, (Example a 9 handicap will receive 4.5 strokes for the 9 hole event).


The I-Tour reserves the right to complete less than the posted calendar of events for our I-Tour Season due to unfriendly weather & the inability to reschedule our rained out events.



The I-Tour will maintain a strict no tolerance policy on any behavior unbecoming a professional for all tour members, including amateurs.  Conduct such as verbal abuse of I-Tour player or staff member, vulgar language, club throwing, or damage to the golf course or golf course property is considered a violation. Violations also include the use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs, cheating, multiple cancellations, withdrawing without good cause, lack of golfing etiquette, improper dress, not maintaining financial responsibility, and any other unprofessional behavior.


Violations could result in fines, penalty shots, suspensions, and/or disqualification from one or all events conducted by the Individual Golf Tour.



If you do not wish to receive CASH or CHECK during any I-Tour Event, you will be paid in Gift Certificates up to $750 and remain an Amateur.


The I-Tour welcomes amateur golfers to play in all events.  


An Amateur Golfer…….as defined by the USGA is “one who plays the game as a non-remunerative or non-profit-making sport”.  Participation in events that reward players with cash (or its equivalent) is allowable; however, prior to your participation you must irrevocably waive your right to accept any prize money.  Failure to do so can result in the forfeiture of your amateur status and your eligibility to enter competitions limited to amateurs. (USGA Rules of Amateur Status, Rule 1-2:  Playing for Prize Money)


Since the I-Tour is a cash payout professional tour, players are assumed to be professionals for each event unless we receive your Statement of Amateur Status form before you tee off.   Amateur golfers may still receive 100% of all optional game payouts (SKINS & DEUCES).